Student of Bhariya Degree College are expected to observe the following conducts:

  • Ragging is strictly prohibited; A student found guilty of this crime may be severely punished by the Principle.
  • Silence should be maintained in the class rooms, the library, and the corridor or the college to provide calm atmosphere congenial to students.
  • Use mobile phone in the college campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Identity cards to be shown/produced by students whenever asked by college authorities.
  • Written Permission ( by Principle ) is require by student going outside during college hours.
  • Observe discipline and decorum in and outside the class room and at function.
  • Keep the environment neat & clean by making use of dustbins.
  • Students should understand that nobody disfigure or deface wall of college by any marks.
  • Utilize free vacant periods in reading books, magazines and news papers available in library.